Cape Women's Leadership Initiative

Build Your Cape-Wide Network

This leadership development program provides an opportunity for the Cape’s up-and-coming women leaders to gain core leadership skills for growth and advancement in an interactive, collaborative setting.

In addition to virtual and in-person workshops led by expert facilitators, participants will learn strategies for success from exceptional Cape women leaders during small mentoring events and a culminating interactive leadership breakfast program.

CWLI at Wequassett

Cape Women's Leadership Initiative Core Values

Innovation and Adaptability

Innovation is the cornerstone of success. Our approach combines traditional wisdom with new technologies to stay ahead in our field.

Integrity in Every Action

Integrity, honesty, and transparency, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us implicitly. Our commitment to ethical practices guides every decision we make.

People-Centric Approach

We believe in building strong, lasting relationships with others.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

We foster a collaborative environment where every member's contribution is valued. By combining diverse skills and perspectives, we achieve outstanding results.